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Virtual Bass Guitar Amp

This is the current working config for running my bass guitar into my PC. It sends the guitar output into the PC, runs it to Guitarix software for effects and such, and outputs it to the PC default audio output.

Starting Guitarix should popup the option to activate the Jack server, the first time this is run it will provide an error and stop the server. You need to enter the settings window and advanced tab to set your respective input and output devices, save them and then hit start again. This should show everything starting up with the default bitrates, I haven’t noticed any lag between playing and hearing the notes with default rates.

Hardware Requirements:
– A PC with USB 2.0 capability
– Guitar
EBXYA USB to TS 1/4 Jack cable (works fine under both Windows and Linux as a ‘microphone’ input)

The biggest issue has been routing the audio around, mainly with the input being picked up but no output being audible. After much tinkering I’ve gotten this configuration to work. It’s fairly trivial to setup by installing Ubuntu Studio, less so getting my current Manjaro installation to emulate that.

Software Requirements:
– QjackCtl (with Jack/Jackd dependencies)
– Guitarix


The Built-in Audio equates to ‘System playback_1 playback_2‘ on my PC, this is for the left and right channels.

QjackCtl graph routing layout:

Current Guitarix layout:
Mainly shown for the amp, this one provides a great clean bass sound to build on.