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The Long Dark Wintermute Linux cut-scene bug

At the end of chapter 4 there’s a cut-scene video that should play, on my install it wouldn’t work correctly. I’d see a TV test card image and hear a few 1 second clips of audio before moving to the end credits of the chapter.

This issue has only appeared for this single cut-scene, every other one in the game has worked properly. Seems like an odd quirk to me but there it is.

Worth mentioning that this issue can appear in other games too (I found this out while researching fixes for my Wintermute issue), I’ve never had it happen with any game before but good to know that this should fix it.

A ‘GE’ version of Proton is required, by default Steam doesn’t offer any of the GloriousEggroll Proton versions so this needs to be explicitly installed by the user.

You can do this in a couple of ways:
Manually by extracting the file into a folder you create called “compatibilitytools.d”.
Wiki instructions from the Github page at

Alternatively you can use a tool called “ProtonUp”, which handles the downloading and installing of various Proton versions including the GE versions. ProtonUp can be used by the commandline or via. a GUI with the app “ProtonUp-Qt, this should be available to most distros and has a Flatpak option.
I prefer using ProtonUp as it handles multiple locations so you can have a Proton set for Steam and a separate set for any Wine installations you run.