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Star Wars Galaxies Legends on Linux

Installed the game via. Lutris:
Search for Star Wars, Legends etc in the Lutris client…to find the “SWG Legends Edition”,
or visit and install via. the button.

For me launching the game via. Lutris never works, even while adding the below javaw stuff to the programs launch options.
The initial launcher window will open with weird background transparency on the text, but once I click “login” it doesn’t progress to the next stage of the launcher for logging on/updating, the launcher window just closes.

To get it working I need to run a command to launch it with Wine and Java:
wine lib/jre/bin/javaw.exe -Dprism.order=j2d -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -jar SWGLegendsLauncher.exe

Obviously this needs to be run from within the folder containing the SWGLegendsLauncher.exe file.

To simplify this I just created a shell script to go to the game folder and start the launcher.
I named the file “” and the path needs to be customised to the installation location and made executable with “chmod +x“.

Once the script is made I just launch it with “./”, alternatively add it as a bash alias/custom launcher link as desired.
#navigate to game folder.
cd /path_to/game_folder/.wine/star-wars-galaxies-an-empire-divided/drive_c/Program\ Files/StarWarsGalaxiesLegends

#launch the client.
wine lib/jre/bin/javaw.exe -Dprism.order=j2d -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -jar SWGLegendsLauncher.exe

After the first time running the launcher it will need to update as the required files are installed, there are around 500 files to update as of my last installation and the process requires 2-3 runs to install all files in between client restarts and takes around 15 minutes total for me.

After updating the client and game itself work perfectly, by default the game will be 1024×768 so going into the launcher settings window to set a higher resolution is a good idea.

Love this game, feels good to be back in SWG so many years after playing the original.