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Nordvpn fix

Nordvpn debian app issue

Attempting to connect to a server resulted in “Whoops! Connection failed. Please try again.” error.

Reinstalls failed to fix. I attempted to apt purge nordvpn which “appeared” to complete
However investigation showed “/var/lib/nordvpn/data/.config.ovpn” couldn’t be deleted.

I suspect something got corrupted
#file was owned by root but unable to be deleted as root, via. command line or filebrowser!

Fixed with:

sudo chattr -i /var/lib/nordvpn/data/.config.ovpn

This allowed the .config.ovpn file to be deleted, and also the nordvpn folder completing the apt purge action.

Reinstalling the nordvpn .deb file, run apt update and apt install nordvpn again..
#sh: 0: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory errors appeared, I think this was due to not reloading the terminal after deleting the /var/lib/nordvpn items.
It didn’t affect the reinstallation though.

Perform the usual nordvpn login and change the settings as desired, nordvpn now works again.