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New terminal session disables second monitor (KDE)

After adding a second monitor to my setup an issue appeared. Whenever a new terminal session is started (either a new terminal window or new terminal tab), the second monitor would become disabled.
This only occurs with terminal sessions, no other program I’ve tried causes this to occur. I’ve tested multiple terminal programs and this issue occurs with all of them.

I looked through the logs and the main thing I find is a Kscreen_backend_launcher switching the xrandr Output enabled=true to false when the new terminal session is started.

kscreen.xrandr: Output 482 : connected = false , enabled = false

I’m able to restart the monitor by using either Nvidia-settings or the KDE display configuration window though this is annoying as I open the terminal a lot.

I looked for some help on the Manjaro forum but found none and posting the issue received no replies.

Since I’m unable to actually fix the issue I figured out a workaround using xrandr, by the using the following command on the working screen I can set the second monitor back to enabled and position it to the right of my main monitor as I like.

xrandr –output HDMI-0 –auto –right-of DVI-D-0

For additional convenience I add this line to the bottom of my .bashrc file, causing it to run every time the new offending terminal session opens. This essentially removes the issue with the exception of a slight flicker on the right hand screen as it disables/enables.