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MIXX streambuds LX no longer pairing

My Streambud LX earbuds randomly stopped their automatic pairing when removed from their charging case.
Removing each earbud from the case would prompt the voice message “power on…pairing”, followed by the flashing red/blue led on each bud. After 1-2 minutes the buds would prompt the voice message “power off”, once powered off they are no longer visible to Bluetooth devices.

After looking around for a fix I was unable to find anything useful, the MIXX website doesn’t provide a direct fix but does mention 2 features that I was able to use for fixing mine.

  1. Each bud is able to connect independently as a mono device, providing the other bud is left in the case it will be classed as powered off.
  2. The buds can be forced to pair by holding down the button on either earbud.

NOTE: The forced pairing doesn’t seem to work before one of the earbuds is successfully working as a Bluetooth device and both earbuds together will fail to connect to a phone while they are attempting and failing to pair with each other. This syncing mismatch is the problem I had.

  1. Remove ‘MIXX StreamBuds LX’ from the paired devices list on the phone using the unpair option.
  2. Take one earbud from the power case and wait for the “power on…pairing” voice prompt.
  3. Use the Bluetooth settings ‘Search for devices’ option.
  4. Select the ‘MIXX StreamBuds LX’ device and attempt the pair it (if this fails the first time, retry straight away).
  5. The phone should pair with the single earpiece, test it by playing some audio on the phone.
  6. Take the second earbud from the power case and hold down the button with the xx on it for ~5 seconds (I never noticed any audio prompt for a successful pairing with the first earbud/phone).

However when playing audio on my phone I was now hearing it in both earbuds!.

After returning both earbuds to their case and then removing both to see if the fix was permanent I again heard the ‘power on…pairing’ voice followed by a low beep tone and ‘connected’ in both buds. The phone automatically paired with both earbuds as it should.