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Googlefu tips

Google search bar tips and refinements.

cached versions of sites

Refining searches
“allintext” and “filetype”
Example below will search for .conf filetypes containing the text string “port”.
Can be filtered for the word “username” in .log files from the last 24hrs if nefarious.
allintext:port filetype:conf

“intitle” and “inurl”
Refines the search by the text found in the title of a page and/or the text found in
the URL of the site.
Example below will find pages containing “index of” in ftp server pages.
intitle:”index of” inurl:ftp

Example below will list web facing ipcameras using the webcamxp software..different cameras
will use different default webcam titles..research needed.
intitle:”webcamXP 5″

Example below will list db_passwd text contained in web facing environmental variable files,
usually docker configs.
db_password filetype:env

Example below will list websites hosted on github/sourceforge
filetype:inc php

Example below will list php configs/variables containing “string”
filetype:php “Notice: Undefined variable: data in” -forum

Example below will list defaul WAMP stack homepages containing “server configuration:” & “Apache Version”
intitle:”WAMPSERVER homepage” “Server Configuration” “Apache Version”

Example below will find pages containing the word “report” and one of the | separated strings (pentest scanners), of the .pdf filetype.
intitle:”report” (“qualys” | “acunetix” | “nessus” | “netsparker” | “nmap”) filetype:pdf