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Google Search Options

Specific “operators” to refine google results and find interesting things.

Find pages with a specific phrase in the url of the page, very useful for finding open services, webconsoles, cameras and such.
e.g inurl:/phpmyadmin/index.php

Find pages with all words in the url.
e.g allinurl:blog /phpmyadmin/index.php

Exact match search:
In “” quotes searches provides results for that specific term
e.g “Thinkpad X230”

And/Or search:
Using the And/Or operators will provide results that include X AND Y or X OR Y.
e.g Linux AND kernel
e.g Linux OR Unix

Exclude a term from search using the minus sign.
e.g Cryptocurrency -bitcoin

Search for prices using the currency symbols.
e.g Laptop $300

View the cached version of a website.

Search for specific filetypes, both “filetype” and “ext” perform the same function.
e.g filetype:pdf
e.g ext:pdf

Limit search results to those from a specific site.

Find sites related to a specific domain.

Find pages with a specific word in the site title.
e.g intitle:firmware

Find sites with all specific words in the site title.
e.g allintitle:router firmware

Find pages containing a specific word in the site, good for finding references to a known password.
e.g intext:password1234

Find pages containing all words in the site, refining the above search.
e.g intext: password password1234

Filter sites to those containing words within a certain proximity of each other.
e.g software AROUND(X) update
#The word “software” must be with X number of spaces to the word “update”

Search for a range of numbers using “..” without the quotes.
e.g released 2000..2010
#Search for “released 2000” “released 2001” “released 2003” … and so on until 2010 but not beyond.

Find results by specific functions usually spread around the google systems.

Find weather results:
e.g weather:london

Find map results:
e.g map:london

Find the dictionary definition of a specific word.
e.g define:perspiration

Use google as a quick calculator by entering your sum as the search.
e.g 10*10-3

Find the current time in a specific place.
e.g time:egypt